1. Classes are to be attended regularly and punctually.
  2. Silence is to be observed in / outside the Class room .
  3. While entering Class, a student must take permission of the teacher in the class. A student may go out on any urgent call taking prior permission from the teacher,
  4. Loitering in the college corridor /college premises And use of mobile phone or pocket FM radio inside campus college is strictly prohibited .
  5. Students are to use the urinals and lavatories meant for them,
  6. Electrical switches, Laboratory equipments, Library books etc. and any college property are to be handled carefully and cautiously to avoid any damage or loss,
  7. Students should carefully observe the Notice, Circulars etc. issued to them from time to time at the Notice Board and follow them accordingly. They should also pay attention to the Notifications circulated in the classes.
  8. Any misconduct on the part of students will lead to punishment,
  9. Students are warned against smoking in the college premises and spitting on the walls, floor, damaging notice etc. Such activities are subject to punishment and fine.
  10. Movement and Parking of Bicycles / Two wheelers are prohibited in front of the main entrance of the college.